Random Stories



I have always been a huge fan of nonsense.  Edward Lear, Spike Milligan and the like. Yep, anything slightly off-beat, massively silly or Monty Python-esq is all good in my book.

I was approached a couple of months ago by a lovely parent who wanted to privately commission something special for her daughter, to encourage her spelling and creative writing.

Alex’s daughter Kendrah is in Year 4, and at that age you’re going to come across the extraordinary joy that is [insert deep celestial voice here] THE SPELLING LIST. That list of maddening words like ‘definitely’ and ‘approached’ and ‘flourish’, ‘cactus’ and ‘disappeared’.

“i before e, except after… what is it again?”

Kendrah has taken the spelling list a step further and turned the weekly list into a short story, and I was asked if I would be interested in illustrating them.

I thought about it for a while, as this is not something I would normally take on, but reading through, the stories were completely random and at times pretty funny, and I was won over.

So, there are twenty-six stories in total, and I was commissioned to illustrate ten of them. I thought it’d be great to share these with a wider audience, so as of tomorrow (Sat 5th August, 2017) with the permission of Alex and Kendrah, I will be tweeting a couple of Kendrah’s illustrated stories a day, for the next five days.

Keep a beady eye on my twitter account this week @sarahhorne9 and the hashtag #randomspellinglist to see the full set.

Huge, big high-five to Kendrah for putting these stories together. Well done.

And thank you to Alex, for such an interesting brief,  I hope she enjoys her illustrations.